Food is fuel for life.

Food is a huge part of every day life. We are constantly making decisions about what to put in our bodies. We are what our bodies absorb. To complicate things, there are countless needs, emotions, traditions and sensitivities wrapped around food. Then there are multi billion dollar processed food and pharmaceutical industries that have made our lives more convenient but not necessarily more healthy. On top of that, we have a plethora of weight loss plans, pills, potions and promises vying for our attention. It's not easy to navigate through. The decisions can be complicated and confusing.

So what are we supposed do?

Everyone is different - different history with food, different genes, different metabolism, different movement, different lifestyle.  The right foods for you could be the wrong foods for someone else.  A competitive athlete's needs are different than a career executive's. This is where a health coach helps you siphon through the web of mystery.  A health coach helps you decide what nourishment is right for your body and lifestyle. No one diet works for everyone. Many of the weight loss and energy programs are cookie cutter programs - but we aren't cookie cutter people. We need a plan that makes sense for us as individuals. Do you know why 90% of diets fail? Because diets are not sustainable, not practical and can be dangerous. Wendy and Dana help people transition from the frustration of yo-yo dieting and sub-par athletic results to a lifetime of sustainable, healthy eating.

Do any of these statements resonate for you?

  • I need more energy to get through the day.
  • I crave a clear mind for optimum work.
  • I desire to be comfortable in my own body.
  • I want to be better at my sport.
  • I think I'm eating healthy but something is off in my body.
  • I want to feel my best. 
  • Preventing disease is on my mind.
  • I want to live a vibrant life.
  • Something is missing in my life.
  • There seems to be more of me in the middle than there used to be.

The secrets are found in the daily nourishment we feed our body.

At Renew Wellness, we will help empower you to: 

  • Feel good in your own skin.
  • Find food that works for you.
  • Perform your best every day.

If this information resonates with you, contact us to set up a one hour consult. It's not often that you can spend an hour talking about your health goals with a trained professional.

Getting Started

When was the last time you talked with someone about your health goals and received the personal attention you deserve?

The road to wellness can be so overwhelming.  It's like taking a trip from New York to San Diego without a road map.  What's the plan?  Start by having a conversation knee-to-knee, eye-to-eye with a professional who can help you map the right course. 

Consults are either at our office in Red Bank (knee-to-knee) or via the phone (ear-to-ear).  We will discuss your unique situation and determine how we can help you reach your goals. Contact us today to get started on your journey.

One conversation can change your life.

Playing with our food gets us that much closer to healing AND creates pleasure for the soul. 

taste, a project of collecting recipes submitted by friends, colleagues, local business owners, and clients includes 20 recipes that are nourishing, flavorful and support a vital life. This first pdf book is a free prelude to our comprehensive cookbook nourish (simply sign up for the newsletter and start cooking!), which was puslished in print copy in January 2013.  

Our hope is that these books will add value to you, the health of our families, friends and wider connections. Enjoy!